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Chapter 22

Alexis helped Jay walk into the townhouse, one arm around his waist. His own arm was over her shoulder, leaning on her for support. Nathan held the door open, watching to make sure that Jay didn’t hurt himself. 

They walked into the living room and let Jay sit down on the couch, leaning back against the cushions with a groan. Nathan walked into the kitchen to grab him some water as Alexis sat up on the arm of the couch, running her hand through Jay’s hair. 

Nathan handed Jay the glass and he only took a small sip before placing it on the coffee table and leaning back again, closing his eyes. 

“Need a beer?” Alexis asked with a chuckle. It was only two in the afternoon but she figured they could make an exception due to the circumstances. She was surprised when he shook his head.

“Whiskey,” he grumbled, causing her to laugh louder. She got up and walked into the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of Jack Daniel’s out of the cabinet, along with a shot glass. As much of an exception as this was, she couldn’t let him get too drunk this early. 

He’d spent the past few days in the hospital, getting stitched up and trying to heal. He’d suffered from a mild concussion, along with a few bumps and bruises. The knife had come very close to some vital organs but hadn’t hit any, though they still had to monitor him for a few extra days. 

Alexis had been just fine, though they had checked her out again at the hospital to make sure. While she’d been looked over by a doctor, they’d seen medics wheeling in Max on a stretcher, with Kathryn, Nathan, and Tom following behind. Max was unconscious for a while but he finally had woken up the next morning. 

They’d all ended up spending about a week in the hospital, Jay and Max in hospital beds, the rest of them sleeping in chairs or on couches around their rooms. It had been a long week for all of them and they were looking forward to everything returning to normal. 

Probably the biggest problem to come out of this had to be the media attention. Every news station and gossip magazine was clamoring to find out who Jay’s “mystery girl” was and why all of this had happened. Everyone had kept their mouth shut, so Alexis’s identity had been kept a secret for now. 

It wouldn’t be long, though. She’d already talked to Kathryn about everything, how to handle the scrutiny, the breach of privacy. Kathryn had explained how she handled all of it, which of course mostly involved taking baths and spending time with Max so she wasn’t very helpful with that. Alexis had finally stopped panicking when Kathryn started mentioning how they could now go to dress fittings for premieres and other events together. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

But she didn’t have to worry about that now. All she had to worry about was making sure that Jay was okay.

She handed him the shot glass and he reached out his hand for the bottle but she shook her head. She poured the amber liquid into the glass before screwing on the cap and walking back into the kitchen.

“Only one?” Jay whined.

“Yes, only one. You can have more later. I don’t need you to be drunk and injured,” she quipped, leaning against the counter and placing her hands on her hips. Jay turned towards her to stick his tongue out but the movement caused his injury to twinge in pain so all he could do was grimace.

“Jay? Are you okay?!” Alexis walked over to him immediately, kneeling down next to him and touching his knee.

He gave her a smile and chuckled, brushing some hair out of her eyes.

“I’m fine, love. You know you don’t have to check on me every time I make a face,” he said quietly. He leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips.

“Guys, seriously, you need to stop making out in front of me. It’s getting gross,” Nathan muttered, causing Alexis to grab a pillow and launch it at his face.

They’d been more affectionate than usual this week, as could be expected. What they didn’t realize was that Nathan was getting pretty tired of it. Alexis texted Caitlin and asked her to come over to keep him occupied, which made Nathan’s face light up.

She watched as Jay downed the shot of whiskey, the grimace on his face not as bad as it was last time. He’d gotten a little more used to it.

“C’mon, babe. Let’s get you upstairs to bed, alright?” she said quietly, grabbing his hand and helping him get up off of the couch. She tucked his arm over her shoulders and helped him slowly walk up the stairs. 

As they got into his room, she shut the door behind them. He pulled off his shirt, letting her see the bandage on his side. She reached out to gently brush it, wincing as she remembered all that had happened. 

“Hey,” he whispered, his fingers reaching to lift her chin up so that her eyes met his. “I’m okay, love. It’s all over.”

She gave him a small smile, realizing that it really was all over. Everyone was safe and sound, and the man who had caused all of this now had a name: Zachary Thorton. He’d been a bar patron for years, they had realized. But no one had ever paid him any attention. So he had sat there, lurking, waiting for the right opportunity.

Zachary was going to jail, but for how long? They had no idea. He didn’t kill anyone. His charges only included Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Simple Assault, Breaking and Entering, and a few other minor charges. Combined, it could either be enough to get him sent to jail for a few years or only a few months. There were many circumstances that had to be considered. Besides that, celebrity representatives and agents prefer to settle these things quietly. So who knew how it would all turn out.

But that could be dealt with later. The important thing was that everyone was okay and everything would go back to normal. 

“Come lay down with me?” Jay said, the question in his voice making her giggle.

“You know you don’t have to ask,” she replied, a twinkle in her eye.

“I know, love. But every time I fall asleep next to you, part of me still thinks I’ll wake up alone in the morning. And I know that I won’t, I’m just so afraid you’ll leave me.”

He looked down as soon as he said it. He’d never intended on telling her that. He’d never wanted to tell her how badly that morning had scared him, how it had made him feel so alone. Waking up and looking over to see that she wasn’t there just broke his heart. In that one moment, he thought he had lost everything. 

But he hadn’t. He still had her, she was here, right next to him. And so he had buried those feelings, kept those words quiet. He didn’t know what had prompted him to finally admit it, to finally say it out loud. Maybe it was the whiskey. Maybe it was the obscene amount of painkillers he had been on until yesterday. But the way that she was looking at him made him wish he’d kept his damn mouth shut.

“Jay, I’m so sorry. I just…I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do. As soon as I stepped out that door, I regretted it. But I was stupid and terrified and -”

He wasted no time, simply took her in his arms and kissed her. He wouldn’t let her explain herself, she didn’t need to. He knew she had been sorry, he knew that she regretted all of it. She didn’t need to tell him all of that. All was forgiven.

She smiled as they broke apart, grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the bed.

“Love, you know the doctor said ‘limited physical activity’ for the next week, right?” he said, causing Alexis to break out in a fit of giggles. 

“I know, I know, you need your rest,” she said, pulling back the covers and letting him slide underneath, propping his head up on the pillows. 

She crawled in after him, letting her head gently rest on his chest. His arm wrapped around her as his fingers danced over the skin of her shoulder. He pressed a quick kiss to her forehead, holding her as tight as he could.

He wasn’t letting her go that easily this time.

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