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Chapter 20 - Drink It If You Can

Jay sat against the wall, his body limp and his eyes wide. His breathing was staggered and his hands were shaking as he looked down at the knife. 

“JAY!” Alexis screamed, running past Nathan and Max in an attempt to help him. Her attacker turned around to face her, causing her to skid to a stop and look around wildly. She needed a weapon, any weapon at all. Bottles weren’t working, nothing was.

In all the scuffle, she had lost her heels. She had no idea where they…


Laying on its side on the floor in front of her, covered in pieces of shattered glass, was one of her stilettos. 

She took a deep breath, staring him down for a moment. She had to time this perfectly. 

There was a moment of tension. The only things that could be heard were Jay’s heavy breathing and Nathan’s whispers as he tried to get Max to wake up.

As quickly as she could, she bent down and grabbed the shoe by the sole, keeping the skinny heel out in front of her as a weapon. 

“A shoe? Really?” He chuckled darkly, walking towards her. She tried to stand her ground but couldn’t help stepping backwards a bit.

Suddenly, his big arm swiped out to grab her and she slammed the shoe down on it, breaking the skin. He let out a howl and snatched his arm back, glaring at her. She raised her eyebrows and gave a little grin, challenging him.

All she had to do was keep him away from Jay, who was on the ground, clutching his chest. He hadn’t lost too much blood yet but they had to do something soon.

He reached out again and she did the same thing, using all of her strength to hit him with the heel. He was getting more and more irritated with every passing moment. One last time he reached out and she swung but this time, she didn’t meet her target. Instead, he grabbed the shoe and pulled hard. She was too shocked to let go and he used this to pull her to him. He reached one hand up to grab her hair, wrenched the shoe from her grip, and threw it across the room. 

She let out a yelp of pain as he yanked her hair back and wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her tight. She balled her hands up into fists and hit him repeatedly in the chest, to no avail. He wasn’t going to let her go, no matter how hard she tried.

“You’re coming with me, baby,” he whispered, causing a shiver to run down her spine. She tried to wriggle away, tried to kick him, hit him, anything that would loosen his grip. She was too weak and he was too strong. 

“Don’t even try,” she heard him growl. She couldn’t turn around but she knew that Nathan must have gotten to his feet, ready to fight. “If you come any closer, I’ll break her neck.”

Alexis closed her eyes, trying to blink back tears. This was it. It was all over. There was nothing they could do. 

But suddenly, his grip on her loosened. She looked up to see shock on his face. She was able to pull away from him, backing up slowly. She let out a gasp as blood pooled in his mouth, running down and dripping on the floor. 

“Lex…” she heard Nathan mumble behind her. She couldn’t move, she was frozen with fear. He grabbed her hand and jerked her backwards as the man collapsed to the floor, the knife sticking out of his back.

Jay stood behind him, his hands clutching his side. He had removed the knife from his own wound to stab the man. Alexis ran to him immediately as he crumpled to the floor. 

By this point, he had lost a sickening amount of blood. His face was completely drained of color. She pulled him into her lap, her hands running through his hair. 

“Jay,” she whispered, tears streaming down her face. 

Nathan was frantically calling 911, his voice shaking as he explained to the operator what had happened. Max’s eyes were opening slowly and he let out a groan of pain.

“Lex?” Jay murmured, his voice barely audible. “Are you okay? Is he gone?”

“He’s dead, Jay. I’m fine, I promise.”

His hand shook as he rose it slowly, letting his fingers caress her cheek. His hands were cold as he tried to wipe away her tears. 

“Don’t leave me, okay?” Alexis looked down at him, confused.

“Jay, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

“No, I mean ever. If I survive this, will you…will you stay with me forever?”

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked down at him, reaching up to grasp his hand in hers. 

“Jay, don’t do that. Don’t say ‘if’. You’re going to be just fine,” she murmured, glancing over at Nathan who was back to helping Max. “Nathan, get me a towel.”

He rose quickly, grabbing a towel off of the counter and gingerly tossing it to her. She folded it once and placed it on Jay’s stomach, applying gentle pressure. He folded his hands over hers and looked up at her.

“It’s all going to be fine. I’ve got you, I promise. You can do this, you can make it. You can’t leave me, okay? Not now, not ever. You just can’t leave me like this. If I can’t leave you, you can’t leave me. And I know that I’m not going anywhere,” her voice was shaking, tears were flowing freely.

“Thank god you’re safe, love. That’s all I ever needed, ” he whispered, closing his eyes. She brushed the curls out of his face, looking down at him. He looked so peaceful, so quiet. Suddenly, the blood drained from her face as she realized something.

He wasn’t breathing.

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