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It all started with a story about Max called Worth the Fight (the full story can be found on the page link) and now I've moved on to others. I do oneshots and fanfics and I love my readers.
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Just a reminder that I’m selling my tickets for the Wanted at the Warfield on April 28th!

2 tickets for a pretty great price!
Let me know if you’re interested.


hi lovely ladies,

i figured i’d post this here. i have to sell my tickets for the wanted at the warfield in san francisco next monday. long story short, i have no one to go with me and i need to sell them. i’ve made postings on craigslist and stubhub so if any of you would like them, i can give you the link!

if i can’t go, i’d love it if one of you had the opportunity to do so.

hi lovely ladies,

i figured i’d post this here. i have to sell my tickets for the wanted at the warfield in san francisco next monday. long story short, i have no one to go with me and i need to sell them. i’ve made postings on craigslist and stubhub so if any of you would like them, i can give you the link!

if i can’t go, i’d love it if one of you had the opportunity to do so.


the wanted are “going on a break” after this tour and i’ve never seen them live and probably won’t get to.
this is really really upsetting to me.

merry christmas, lovelies! 

12 Days of the Wanted Christmas - Bonus Story

Max drove the car through the quiet streets. He looked over to see Kathryn fast asleep, her forehead leaning on the window. It was eleven o’clock on Christmas Eve and they were on the way home from a friend’s party. A soft snow was falling down as Max pulled into their driveway. He hopped out of the car and walked over to the passenger side. He gently opened the door and wrapped his arms around her. He picked her up in his arms, her head resting on his chest. He used his shoulder to close the car door and carried her towards the house. He opened the front door and placed her in the chair in front of the fire. He gently removed her coat and hung it up in the front closet. He sat on the edge of the chair and stroked her hair. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. “Did I fall asleep?” “Mmhmm. We’re home now, baby.” She smiled and grabbed his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. He guided her up the stairs and helped her undress. He grabbed one of his soft sweaters and helped her into it. She curled up under the covers, a smile on her face. She watched him get ready for bed, smacking his ass lightly as he walked by to go brush his teeth. “Hey!” “Merry Christmas!” She giggled, pointing to the clock. He leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Merry Christmas, baby.” He brushed his teeth and walked into the room, pulling his shirt off and changing into the Santa pajama pants she had bought him last Christmas. He crawled into bed next to her and pulled her into his arms. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you too,” she replied. They fell asleep with the snow falling outside, ready for Christmas to come in the morning.

And there you have it! I somehow did all 12 days in 8 days this year hehe.

If you want to read all of the stories, just search the tag “12 days of the wanted christmas”.

And there’s one more surprise! The last story, a Kathryn and Max story, will be posted later!

Merry Christmas Eve!

12 Days of the Wanted Christmas - Day 8 (Part 2!)

Jay walked downstairs, peeking into the kitchen. Fiona was running around in a panic, trying to do ten things at once. 

“Fi, it’s okay,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him. “You’re doing great.”

“I know, Jay, I know. It’s just…it’s our first Christmas together and your whole family is coming over  tonight for Christmas Eve and I have to cook and,” she put a finger to his lips to keep him from interrupting, “- I know your mother is bringing over a few things but still - and I just want them all to like me and I hope I don’t screw this whole thing up.”

“Woah,” Jay murmured, rubbing her back gently. “Fiona, breathe. I’m sorry this happened. I really didn’t think that everyone would want to come over. They usually go over to my Uncle’s house. I figured I would invite my mum and dad and everything would be simple. But it’s going to be just fine. What can I do to help?”

Fiona looked around the kitchen, “Actually, nothing. Everything is either cooking or waiting to be cooked. I…I actually can’t do anything either right now.”

He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. “Breathe, baby. Everything looks good. Sit down,” he said, leading her over to a seat at the counter. 

He walked over to the wine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of red. He poured them each a glass and handed her one. She smiled at him, took a deep breath, and took a sip of wine. She seemed more relaxed finally. 

“How many people are coming total?” she asked quietly.

“14,” he replied, squeezing her hand. 

She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder. “I really hope they like everything. I…I really hope they like me.”

“They’ll love you, baby. I know they will. And everything will be incredible.”

She smiled and nuzzled his neck. She was taking another sip of wine when the doorbell rang. She visibly jumped and Jay chuckled and rubbed her shoulder. 

“Breathe,” he whispered in her ear, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door.

They opened the door and Jay’s mother stormed in, carrying two pies and a bag of other food. She set everything down on the table by the door.

“My baby!!!” she said, hugging Jay tight as he laughed.

“And my other baby!! You look so beautiful, darling,” she said to Fiona, wrapping her arms around her tightly.

“Hi, Mrs. McGuiness,” Fiona said with a big smile. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be too bad…

12 Days of the Wanted Christmas - Day 8

Megan pulled her coat tighter around her as they got back into the car, a Christmas tree finally picked out and tied to the roof. 

It was Christmas Eve and they were just now getting their tree. Nathan had been gone for nearly all of December so Megan had promised him that they would wait until he was home to do this. Decorating the tree was his favorite part of the holidays.

“I think our tree is perfect,” Nathan said, looking over at her.

“It really is,” she replied, smiling at him. They had picked the best tree they could find, and it really was a great little tree. It was nice and full, with lots of strong branches. 

They pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. Nathan reached up to cut the ropes while Megan held the tree to make sure it didn’t fall off. 

“Ready, baby?” He looked over at her, eyebrows raised. She nodded and they each grabbed on to one side of the tree. They lifted the tree up off the car and carried it between them, heading up the walkway.

Trying to get the tree through the front door was a little bit of a struggle. It really was a big tree and they had to turn it to get it right into the living room. They finally managed to get it inside and Nathan set it down in the tree stand.

“How does it look?” 

Megan stood off to the side and looked at the tree, making sure it was balanced.

“Move it to the right a little.”

He shifted it just a few inches but it made all of the difference. “Perfect.”

Nathan got up and looked at the tree with her. He put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead.

They each grabbed strands of lights and began stringing them around the tree. They bumped into each other a few times and Nathan intentionally wrapped her in Christmas lights at one point but eventually, they got it done.

They started to put the ornaments up on the tree. They had a mix of all kinds of ornaments. Some were bought together, others were given by family members. This was the first year that they would have their own tree, so it was pretty special for both of them.

There were elves and penguins. There were nutcrackers and a number of Santas. And of course, there were the fabulous homemade ornaments from when they were both in elementary school.

“Nathan, what’s this supposed to be?” Megan was holding up what looked like a popsicle stick with three sequins glued down the front, a drawn-on face, and a little felt hat.

“It’s a snowman!!!!” he replied, sticking his tongue out as she started laughing. 

They finished quickly, eager to see the finished product. As they stood back to look at it, they realized it really was a wonderful tree. It was full of memories that they had shared, leaving plenty of room for new ones to be added.